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Tuesday, June 05, 2007 

The Dunlaps sure do love their Daive!

Abi and Daive snuggling and taking something of a power nap.
Bethany, up close and personal, loving on Daive.
(Can anyone else believe that this is the same girl who resisted
being called "Aunt Bethany" in relation to the dog for almost a YEAR?!
But we have won her over, BWA HA HA...err, yeah.)

Daive would probably deny it if she could, because she's kind enough that she
wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I'm rather confident that Ellie is
her favorite Dunlap. And you can tell why in this picture. They relate. They
connect on some sort of inner feral level.

This is more of a "The Dunlaps love Teresa's room" picture, especially given that
the top picture of Abi was taken about ten minutes before this on was taken.
Regardless, Daive is definitely in there, loving on Ellie.

I think this is an awesome picture. Ellie and Daive. BFF.
Daive never misses an opportunity to make her presence known.
Poor Seth can't even play a video game without having to
accommodate the little princess.

You know, in that last pic it looks like Daive is VERY interested in the game. She's totally wishing she had opposable thumbs so she could SCHOOL Seth at whatever game he's playing...

These pictures are amazing! haha, the one with Seth made me laugh REALLY REALLY HARD.

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