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Monday, October 17, 2005 

I was thrilled beyond expression yesterday to find that the bookstore at my church carries the version of the Bible I prefer (ESV). I've been looking for a smaller-sized one to keep in my purse, but had no luck. It was a toss-up between the lime green one with no latch or the metal-outfitted "Battlezone Bible." I went for the metal one. I feel a little silly on the one hand, but on the other hand, I am absolutely OCD about dog-eaggered corners and crinkled pages in books, especially in a Bible. So I bought it.

The weekend was nice...lots of resting and reading. And one particular bright spot was the taxi driver I had Sunday morning on my way to church. He was extremely jovial and friendly, and spoke decent English (decent when measured against the typical Korean's ability to speak English conversationally, that is). We started talking somehow, and he told me that he was 19 when the Korean War started, and he's now 74. He also told me that he was a pilot, and flew airplanes and helicopters until he was 55...or maybe he was in the army until he was 55, I was a little fuzzy about that. His son is at school in Utah..or maybe teaching at a school in Utah, given how old he is. Anyway, he was wonderfully nice to me, and it was a refreshing change. (The previous two Sundays I had taxi drivers who took an obscenely circuitous route in order to run up the meter.)

Took the cat to the vet this morning. The doc took out the stitches, and I had to hold him. I'm getting slightly ahead of myself. While getting ready to leave my apartment, I had the ingenious idea that transporting the cat in messenger-style-tote bag of mine would be much easier than putting the kennel together and shoving him into it. Theoretically the idea isn't too terrible. But getting the cat into the bag (no jokes, thanks very much) was easier than keeping the cat in the bag. To be honest, it looked like the bag was trying to give birth. Anyway, the doc took out the stitches, and then put the blasted e-collar back on him and said "two more days." Arg. The cat's getting used to it, it's me that has a problem. It drives me nuts. After tomorrow is finished though, I don't care of the cat has a bloody stump for a limb, the ecollar is off, and I'm using regular cat litter again. I'm so over this newspaper litter stuff.

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