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Friday, October 21, 2005 

Plucking my eyebrows makes me sneeze. Always has. I have a cold again...and it was just not pretty.

It's raining today...I used to like the rain. That was before I had to walk everywhere I go. Now I like it if I'm indoors for the day and don't have to go anywhere. The only umbrella that is useful is the kind that's far too large to carry conveniently in my purse.

There was something else I was going to say, but I forgot it. I'm going to work now.

It makes me sneeze as well... -H

It never rains here (southern california). I miss it. We get rain in January, but that's about it. But I would get sick of rain if I had to walk around in it all the time. There's nothing worse than having wet socks all day. Bleh.

hey buddy! the whole eyebrow plucking experience makes me sneeze also. Hot Pink Crocs rock!


hey buddy! the whole eyebrow plucking experience makes me sneeze also. Hot Pink Crocs rock!


^^^ Wet socks are horrid. I hate them. I actually go to work sockless, then put them on once I'm there because I hate the wet sock feel that intensely.

^Speaking of crocs, I actually always wear my crocs (sockless) in the rain because they dry so fast. Hot pink...nice choice.

I've always been in search of the pefect eyebrow. And although plucking doesn't make me sneeze - it sometimes makes my nose run.

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