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Thursday, September 28, 2006 

Vacation Pictures

Here we are...one big happy family. This does, unfortunately, capture a bit of the essence of the roles we fall into, as Jen said on her blog. Valerie wasn't smiling, and I told her she should smile. I'm hissing at her, she's rolling her eyes at me, Dad's smiling and hoping it'll all blow over, and Jen's ignoring it all. :) We are truly, one big happy family.

Take two...this one looks much nicer. But the one above this one is still probably more Christmas card-worthy.
My most wonderful Grandpa Morton. It looks like I'm smothering him with my hair, but I'm not. It was the second picture we had tried to take together, and it just wasn't working out, so I think we both over-leaned.
My delightful over-concerned Grandma Morton.
Dad and Phyllis at Cinnabon
(just typing the name of the store makes me salivate)

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